Keeping Your Floors SAFE is Our Passion

Slip Doctors New Zealand was formed in 2016 after having realised that there is a vast market that can benefit from our services.

Slip Doctors USA is the number one manufacturer of anti-slip products worldwide. All our products are sourced directly from USA. They offer the widest range of traction improvement products found in the industry. Their chemists have developed the most effective and safest solutions to improve traction on ANY surface. You can improve safety and help prevent slip-fall accidents in your home, bathtub, shower, kitchen, restaurant, hotel or anywhere. STOP ACCIDENTS BEFORE THEY HAPPEN.

When correctly applied, these products should last many years provided the surface is kept clean. Applying wax coatings on top of treated surfaces will stop the treatment from being effective.

A written two year warranty is provided with most treatments.

ACC NZ facts – In 2015 ACC NZ received over 18,000 new claims for slips and falls occurring on wet or slippery surfaces. The 2015 cost for ACC slips and fall claims amounted to nearly $31,000,000.

Proud customers worldwide that have benefited from Slip Doctors treatments

With over 100,000 customers around the world, here is a sample of customers.
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